because the creators of this show are ugly jerks…


I don’t really mind for Mads not being in the recent bloopers clip or for how much time he actually is in the whole of it.

What I wonder about (and cannot understand) is why he was excluded for something used as a promo from an official site to buy the dvd/blu-ray.

…who try to assert themselves near his name)



Made a post header for my blog. I’m seriously bored right now…

вот уж да, было б куда лучше, если бы вместо денси был камбербетч.

what? is she serious? 0_o


I feel like the only person that finds mads mikkelsen really hot for a 50yr old, have you seen him in Hannibal!!?? 😫💗

she said it about person, who has grand fandom. oh yeah, babe, of course, only you. sometimes, I feel like zombie-apocalypses is here already. and posts of ones are posts of first victims 



здрасте люди этой ветки. мы с Оль только что к вам пришли)

а почему под этим постом? а это наше доказательство, что ветка другая)

nice post


I keep thinking about Mads and Lars, and how they were growing up together, and the fights they must have gotten into, and if they ever told lies to cover up for one another, and them being proud of one another for their various successes, and punching one another in the arm and telling one other they love each other in that grumpy, begrudging way only brothers can manage

Just, Mikkelbrødre (◡‿◡✿)


They are not switching their outfits but their heads 😉

right feelings


fannibals, has this really not been done yet?

hah. he does it permanently


Imagine Mads Mikkelsen imagining dragons

but not dragons. the dragon. always when he does like that