Lars in “Go’aften Danmark” on August 1, 2013.

I just want this awesome man on my dashboard, oftener))


September 8, 2013:  Not a pleasant occasion. Lars and a lot of other colleagues attended the funeral of actor Ole Ernst in Copenhagen.
It was an unconventional funeral and all guests should wear purple shirts (as far as possible or just the men?). The photos of Lars are from these sources:, Scanpix,




здрасте люди этой ветки. мы с Оль только что к вам пришли)

а почему под этим постом? а это наше доказательство, что ветка другая)


OT: Setlock Photos from 01/09/2013 at the Welsh National Assembly in Cardiff with Steven Moffat, Lindsay Duncan and Lars Mikkelsen.

вау! прошла всего неделя с момента съемок, как их выложили, ну, молодцы, ну, работают! быстро, четко, вот что значит технологии 21 века! …блядь, долбоебы сраные, что они делали эту неделю?! фапали на фотки, наркоманы злоебучие? чтоб у них все в жизни так же тормозило. хотя, у них и так все в жизни так тормозит… вот, уродам даже никакой карой не погрозишь, ну, в самом деле, каких заслуженных гадостей можно пожелать, например, Валерии, если она уже и так — Валерия. куда уже хуже-то… 

Melpomene Moon: Let’s all talk about how sad and hard it is to ship someone and you…


Let’s all talk about how sad and hard it is to ship someone and you are sure that nothing will happen between them and then there’s the fact that the hottest actor is leaving the series in the next season and you just want to die but at the same time you want to watch more episodes and eat popcorn…

well, better with Lars & without sex show, than with sex of mongrels & without Lars show. no. american show is worse & unneed.

I can’t understand, if someone so wants to see sex — why heshe just  doesn’t watch porn?

Melpomene Moon: Let’s all talk about how sad and hard it is to ship someone and you…

No need to run and hide 
It’s so wonderful, wonderful Lars
No need to laugh and cry 
It’s so wonderful, wonderful Lars

almost song)

nice post


I keep thinking about Mads and Lars, and how they were growing up together, and the fights they must have gotten into, and if they ever told lies to cover up for one another, and them being proud of one another for their various successes, and punching one another in the arm and telling one other they love each other in that grumpy, begrudging way only brothers can manage

Just, Mikkelbrødre (◡‿◡✿)