NEW CLIP: Hannibal Season 1 Gag Reel

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Is it in the parking lot? 😀

this is the most  useless thing, of all ever, ever have been! well, may be the people of this gag are more useless.  


( x )

I love when they are together!!

every nice person loves it)))



I think, this is normal for fan-girl, but is not — “o, my god, let me kiss his wife`s ass, i`m so respectful and i love his actor talent.” yike.

what`s the wonderful world of сесек (no, you havent such word too)


unpopular opinion:

I find Hugh Dancy more attractive than Mads Mikkelsen.

aha, for whom never ever is able to get any connection, any relation, and even imagine himself near Mads. hehehe, for same mongrels like dancy)

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haha! cool mum again. i love these woman!))


Everyone is complaining about Mads in New York this month, I know how it feels  because he was in this little island called tenerife (where i live) 2 years ago filming clash of the titans and I didn’t know they were filming in this fucking island but my parents did and went there while i was at school and they met him and Gemma Arteton.

my mum laughs at me because she knows Hannibal.

my dear, your mum is awesome!!!

we have awesome mum again!))) love them!

*shows mum a photo of Mads looking hawwwwt*

Me: What’d you think, gorgeous isn’t he?

Mum: No.

Me: I think you need to see him in the context that he’s a cannibalistic serial murderer psychopath psychiatrist.

Mum: Yep, that’ll do it for me.

their reaction for idols of teens is so cool!!


if hannibal was pat bateman’s psychatrist


o my…

girls, girls, write about your mothers oftener! they are so cool!))

хехе)) awesome))